Monday, 10 February 2020

Inspiration from Nature

If you follow me @jenlegg4 you will see I love floral prints and I find a lot of inspiration through nature. These natural finds provide me with colour a palette that I use in my sewing to create unique combinations as I want to be different. This fabric selection was chosen from a beautiful orchid. Pink and Red clash. 

The patterns I used I had bought years ago and although I’ve still admired other Sewist makes I’d never got round to making them up. Both patterns are from an indie company True Bias. The top is the Roscoe blouse/dress. Trousers Lander Pant.  I tend to use small independent companies as I always find the instructions make more sense and a lot of the companies have sew alongside on their blogs so you can visually follow. The fly instructions on the Lander Pant was fantastic after making a few pairs of jeans I managed to wing this. This was the first time the penny dropped!

Both patterns compliment and are easy to wear together as well as separately. Something I’ve been looking at before I start a new project. I had been sewing lots the last 2 years and sometimes I looked in my wardrobe thinking I had nothing to wear! Crazy right?

What I noticed about the cotton lawn is the right way for the printed flowers is across the width so I had to cut across the grain. I recently had to do this on another make which didn’t work due to the pattern choice it was a wrap and the bias went against it. I knew that this pattern would work so I went for it and it did... I added a decorative top stitch to my blouse.

The Lander pant instructions are fantastic. I have had experience previously with jeans but I had a lightbulb moment with the fly due to them. The only major change I made was adding a curved waistband. I know this works for my hollow back so I stick with this method. 

I used @namedclothing Palo Jeans

I added extra length when cutting out so I could 
address this after the waistband was attached 

Trim and turn back to right side 
Add button holes 

Get your IG husband Leggylad to take some pictures in your new #memades

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

WOW Fabrics

For my second blog for Wow fabrics I fed my floral obsession and chose this beautiful print. 

Link to fabric

Wow fabrics offers a unique opportunity to pick your print then the option to have the print sublimated onto a chose of 16 different fabric types. 

I had just bought the Hey June Sheridan Sweater  it requires stretch knit fabric. I choose a loop backed fabric and honestly it’s super soft and the print is amazing the loop back remains white.

 I received the fabric on the Friday I was wearing it on the Sunday as it’s a super speedy make. It was warm to wear in a chilly York at Christmas. 

I only requested 1.5 metres but I actually received 3 metres so after the Christmas madness I thought I would make the most of it and use this to make the most comfortable lounge/sewing outfit. (Improvement from sewing in my pyjamas)

For my wide leg pants I hacked one of my favourites #abijumpsuit. By using the bottoms wide leg pattern and adding inch to the waistline. Originally I thought I would add elastic but I stumbled upon this wrap feature (like you do!) I decided to incorporate.   

 To achieve the tie I cut out 4 pieces (2 for each side) Arching the shape at the ends, then I placed the right sides tougher and left the opening at the straight edge as it will be sewn in with the side seam. Length of width and length is totally up to your preference. 

The majority of both the makes featured are made up on my Janome Airlock Overlocker. Which equals professional super speedy makes.
For lots of tips on using knit fabric visit Seamwork

I love the look and feel of this two piece and even though it’s a faux jumpsuit if feeds my jumpsuit addiction. 

Thanks again for trusting me with your fabric @wowfabrics I’m super excited about my next one as I’ve teamed up with Katie klbdesignhouse who is currently making some of my paintings into Surface design ready to print onto my next project in exchange Katie fell in love with my #wildergown @thefridaypatterncompany so I’m making her one! It’s lovely to share our skills 

Fabric Styles

Again IG feeds my daily creativity fix (whom I trying to kid) HOURLY!  I come across a post @fabricstyles asking for collaborations. Have you seen their grid it’s full of colour which equals me! 

You had to register interest and they came back to me asking how I would like to work with them and promote the fabric they would gift to me to make a project. 
I obviously ticked the requirements and choose this beautiful Divine Rose, basically because I love a floral print and orange and pink is my most favourite colour clash! 

I was given 2 metres of this super soft scuba and it arrived rather swiftly 
I combined sewing and making with a jumpsuit workshop I was running at TeesCreatives so again I was really quick in getting this project completed. (Always takes me longer to write about it!)

I was a pattern tester for Athinka at AK patterns and I absolutely loved the Abi Jumpuit. It can be made mainly on a overlocker so it’s super speedy. 

Just be careful when using Scuba Fabric as it can have different variations of stretch so if it lacks stretch you need to size up as I did with this one. Otherwise you will be disappointed when it is to small and you will struggle to get it on as this pattern doesn’t require any fastenings like zips etc...

I made the size 12 and has enough fabric for my jumpsuit but not enough for the optional belt. The fit of this looks great without it phew... 

The fabric is lovely quality and pre-washed really well. I do not for see any piling that can occur with less quality Scuba. 

Thank you Styles Fabric as a hairdresser I tend to wear black but it’s really not me . This however is and as glamorous as this print is it looks feminine and special to wear at work.  
Equally I can dress it up so a great stable item In my ever growing wardrobe.

Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful fabric @fabricstyles 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Wow Fabrics Wilder Gown

Whilst I was scrolling IG as you do and came across  a Wow Fabrics post of a beautiful floral print  I fell in love with instantly. I had put myself on a self inflicted fabric ban so thought I would send a cheeky message to see if I could have some of the fabric in return for a blog- the rest is history as they say. I have signed up with an affiliated program which means I will do a blog post every month and  I will earn commission if you buy any of the fabrics I shown. I’m so excited as this company ticks every box for my future sewing adventures. 

J273 Water Colour Floral Print 

Wow fabrics offer a unique service where you can select a design and it can be printed on a choice of 13 fabric types. I knew instantly that I wanted mine in Chiffon to create a floral, floaty, romantic ‘Wilder Gown by The Friday Pattern Company.’ 
Wilder Gown The Friday Pattern Company 

 The pattern has raglan sleeves (so no sleeve insertions) no zip or lining, due to the fluidity of this beautiful chiffon I found sewing with my Janome Air Thread overlocker the easiest way to construct, using the narrow hem function to professionally finish my dress. 

 For the first time I used the gathering function. This was a revelation saving 
time that it would have taken doing the gathering the conventional way,  of two rows of basting stitches.

The instructions encourage your to rip the rectangles of material that make up the tiers that tearing sound is like music to the ears, so satisfying!

This has to be the quickest turnaround round to date it arrived on the Thursday and I was wearing it for the knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate on the Sunday!

Tips on sewing chiffon
1. Depending how fine your fabric is you can place it onto tissue paper and use weights to cut out your fabric. If the fabric moves a lot cut one layer at the time remembering to reverse your pattern pieces for the mirror image.
2. Use a finer sewing needle and if you want to use pins add them to the seam allowances to hide any potential snags, or do what I did here and used my overlocker.
3. Use a walking foot on your sewing machine and avoid back stitching so your hungry sewing machine doesn’t try to eat the fabric.
4 . If your fabric puckers shorten your stitch length.
5. French seams are great if you want the inside to look as beautiful as the outside. I just wanted mine on!

I am a total flower girl so this fabric was perfect for me, there is however lots of choice here are a couple more of my favourites.

S670 African Wild Mix Print

J246 Pink Black Base Birds Print

I’m so excited to be working with this company as they also offer a bespoke printing service of your own work. I sew to be individual but I do see a lot of the same fabric on offer.  I cannot wait to use this service. Myself and Sam @purplesewing cloud have organised ‘Sew North SoirĂ©e’  23rd May 2020 a meet up to celebrate our sewing skills. I want to design every aspect of my dress so I can’t wait to collaborate next year.

Thank you Wow Fabrics

Here is a sneak peak  I’ve ordered this with the loop backed finish to make Hey June Handmade Sheridan Sweater 

V258 Multi Merge Floral Print 

Inspiration from Nature

If you follow me @jenlegg4 you will see I love floral prints and I find a lot of inspiration through nature. These natural finds provide me...